One of the important objective of our institution is to encourage all-round development of Child. The Teacher Training Courses for Preschoolers is of crucial significance for the optimum development of child.

Studies have proved that the foundation for later development is early years. The Foundation of child developments are mental, physical, cultural & intellectual developments that takes place between 2 to 6 years of age and hence there is a need of well-trained teachers/mother (since mother is the first teacher of child) for preschool education (kindergarten/ Nursery/ Montessori). in our Society.

The successful completion of course provides you opportunities for getting employment in teaching field (kindergarten/ Nursery/ Montessori/ Balwadi/ Anganwadi) as well as in creches.

It is our sincere effort to impart “Adarsh Teacher Training Courses for Pre-Schoolers” to at least one female in every family.

The course includes recognition of child’s physical and mental needs along with psychological needs in terms of affection, compassion and character, development of children. This course therefore lays emphasis on the general principle underlying the care and upbringing of children, it offers a range of resources which gives teachers a varied and flexible approach and at the same time provides children with structured progression in their learning abilities.

The Course also covers organisation of kindergarten/ Montessori/ Nursery Schools.
Even the Govt. of India has laid emphasis on the Early Childhood Care Education (Montessori Training) in the Sixth Five Plan for the first generation learning families as a distinct programme of Universalization of Elementary Education to the children.