Message From Principal

Smt. Jai Anand Jagtap

Smt. Jai Anand Jagtap

(B.A.BEd., DSM , H.T.C., M.T.C., E.C.C.Ed., C.T.C)

Principal’s Message

“It is impossible to change your past, But you can surely design your future! So, don’t worry about your past, Just think about your future!!” Don’t look for someone who can solve your problems, Instead go and stand in front of the mirror, Look straight into your eyes, And you will see the best person who can solve your problems! Always trust yourself. Time waits for no one, So never waste your time ! Utilize each and every moment of your life, And you will surely be successful one day! If fear of being wrong persists in your heart, You can never lead !! It is very important that you overcome your fears, And show courage to take risks. If you try to follow someone, Then you will always live behind that person. Just stand out and make your own way, And you will see yourself leading the world.”

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