Message From Chairman

Mr. Dhanraj Vispute

Mr. Dhanraj Vispute

(M.Sc. G.D.C & A)

Chairman’s Message

The Jurisdiction of activities of our institution is entire India. The Institution conducts various educational, social and cultural programs since 1997, with several institution courses under its progressive management and developed an unique place all over India especially for Montessory Training Programme and Early Childhood Care And Education Diploma (E.C.C.E.D.) Programme. The main objective of the institution is women and child development with an emphasis that Early Childhood Education (Montessori Method) is best achieved by training the mother as well as the teacher.

The institution runs Schools, Colleges, Hostels, Vocational Training Programmers and Self Employment Training Programme etc. The institution has many branches in Maharashtra and Gujarat. It also conducts various educational programmes. The details of same are given in the prospectus.